Why did YOU join the fight for our food?

Colorado, we want to hear from you!

We want to know why you have joined the fight for our food. The March Against Monsanto is two weeks away and we want you to help us spread the word. Leave a comment, send us a video, or maybe sing a song, just let us know why you are going to March Against Monsanto!

Send submissions to JustSayNoGMO.Denver@gmail.com. You never know, we may use your comment or submission for promotion or while talking with the media! Add your voice to the conversation!


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March Against Monsanto ~ Denver

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March Against Monsanto organizer interviewed on sound of freedom radio


Weekly Update


Hello Everyone! We have been hard at work planning the Denver March Against Monsanto but wanted to extend a big thanks to Denver and the outpouring of support! As of writing this post 779 people have said they would attend the Denver March Against Monsanto, WOW! That is awesome!!
Many have asked about the location of the march, right now organizers are waiting to hear back from the city about the kind of event we will be permitted to have since there are many competing events downtown that weekend as well as the Memorial Day parade in Civic Center Park that is scheduled for 11:30 that morning. While this makes organizing a bit more complicated it offers us the opportunity to bring awareness to the issue on a large scale.

We still need your help!

We still need cash donations so that we can order flyers and other promotional materials~we even made it easy for you you can donate directly through paypal.
We need volunteers to help with the bake sale. Contact Rachel
We need a weekly meeting space large enough for all volunteers, any ideas? Let us know.
Do you have questions? Comments? Concerns? Send us an email